VIDEO: Everyday Racism

VIDEO: Everyday Racism
July 25, 2016 Detroit Public TV

By walking a mile in someone’s shoes you can get a decent understanding of their life. However, when it comes to seeing how different races are viewed it’s more of a challenge, but one Australian company has done just that by developing an app called Everyday Racism. The app allows you to see racism from a first-person perspective. This innovative education based medium enables you to play out diverse scenario in real time as an ethnic specific character, you have the opportunity to choose alternative ways to react to situations facing you. They do this by using differing consequent biased choices simulating the racial challenges an individual may face and how to react. The app has more than 25000 participants and has received two awards.

In addition, the developers at “All Together Now” are set to release an app this fall designed specifically for 8 – 10 year olds which is an instrumental time in life where children develop learned behavior and relate to peers. The app heightens empathy and understanding amongst children in a classroom setting which enables them to experience hurtful outcomes bias and stereotyping have on others. The app also helps teachers, especially those who have not received multicultural training to be more involved in the discussion with their students.


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