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  • How Trump can help Detroit

    The new president has been criticized by African-American and urban leaders for his broad-stroke, apocalyptic view of inner-city neighborhoods…

  • Activists and youth from several community groups gathered Feb. 20 at Osborn High in Detroit to protest the state's plan to close up to 38 low-performing schools, 25 of which are in Detroit.

    Michigan shuts down bad schools. Leading states build them up.

    Michigan’s law that calls for the annual closure of the state’s worst schools is unique in the nation.

  • Detroit churches face off with mayor over spike in water bills

    Noah had to deal with a deluge. So do Detroit faith leaders, in the form of sharply rising bills…

  • How one businesswoman is drawing inspiration from a legendary madam

    Bailey Sisoy Isgro never knew Helen McGowan, the infamous “Motor City Madam,” whose women catered to Detroit’s discretion-seeking power…

  • He started the Detroit riot. His son wrestles with the carnage.

    By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine This story contains crude language As much of the city slept, 19-year-old William...

  • Black flight to suburbs masks lingering segregation in metro Detroit

    By Mike Wilkinson | Bridge Magazine Segregation in 1970 Just after the 1967 riots, there were still large parts...

  • Crime

    Three prison reform ideas drawing bipartisan support

    By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine The prison reform movement in Michigan – and across much of the nation...

  • The War on Crime, not crime itself, fueled Detroit’s post-1967 decline

    By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine Heather Ann Thompson has been in the news recently because of the success...

  • Walking back segregation in Ferndale schools

    By Chastity Pratt Dawsey | Bridge Magazine One suburban Detroit school district is embracing school choice while taking steps...

  • School choice, metro Detroit’s new white flight

    School choice, metro Detroit’s new white flight

    By Chastity Pratt Dawsey and Mike Wilkinson | Bridge Magazine When the high school in Eastpointe recently welcomed the...