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  • Sirena and Ricky visit their father (middle) in prison

    When parents go to prison

    By Laura Herberg | WDET Sirena, a 13-year-old from a Detroit suburb, has one word for what it’s like...

  • DJC Poll: Blacks, whites differ in opinions of treatment in local courts

    By Gabrielle Settles | WDET Black and white residents of southeast Michigan differ in their perceptions of how people...

  • Saige Jones will be attending Detroit Prep for Kindergarten this year.

    AUDIO: How Detroit Parents Pick Schools

    WDET Are families finding education options that will keep them in the city?   For Detroit parents, the decision making...

  • Police and Community Relations

      Detroit’s violence during July 1967 began after a police raid at the intersection of 12th and Clairmount streets....

  • Detroit’s Crime Rate [CHART]

    Using data from the FBI, WDET charted Detroit’s crime rate and compared it to other U.S. cities.  

  • Detroit’s Jewish Lawyers and Their Civil Rights Efforts

      One of the threads in the fabric of Detroit’s post-1967 narrative includes the civil rights attorneys who not...

  • CuriosiD: Why Do Police “Shoot to Kill”?

    “Why is it that sometimes police officers use lethal force and other times they don’t? How do they determine...

  • Long-time Officer, Educator Reflects on 1967, Policing Career

    Richard Tillman was working in the auto industry in 1953 when a friend, newly hired at the Detroit Police...

  • Ike McKinnon Reflects on Detroit Policing

      Born in Montgomery, Ala., Ike McKinnon came to Detroit at the age of 10. A few years later, he...