Chapter 6

  • Sirena and Ricky visit their father (middle) in prison

    When parents go to prison

    By Laura Herberg | WDET Sirena, a 13-year-old from a Detroit suburb, has one word for what it’s like...

  • VIDEO: Crime & Punishment in Michigan

    The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country, but America’s “get tough on crime” era may be coming...

  • AUDIO: African Americans wrongfully convicted at higher rates

    By Lester Graham | Michigan Radio & Sandra Svoboda | WDET In 1967, many American cities were rocked by...

  • A conversation with Professor Peter Hammer

    By Keith A. Owens | Michigan Chronicle Professor Hammer has been on the faculty at Wayne State University Law School since 2003, and...

  • VIDEO: Criminal justice reform in Michigan

    House Bill 4138 Criminal justice reform in Michigan The Michigan Department of Correction’s budge this year tops two billion...

  • DJC Poll: Blacks, whites differ in opinions of treatment in local courts

    By Gabrielle Settles | WDET Black and white residents of southeast Michigan differ in their perceptions of how people...

  • VIDEO: Interview with Russell Simmons

      We sat down with entrepreneur, author, clothing line creator, and film and music producer Russell Simmons to get...

  • Crime

    Three prison reform ideas drawing bipartisan support

    By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine The prison reform movement in Michigan – and across much of the nation...

  • The War on Crime, not crime itself, fueled Detroit’s post-1967 decline

    By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine Heather Ann Thompson has been in the news recently because of the success...