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  • That Detroit rarity: a home mortgage

    Can you call it a comeback if mortgages are only written in a few communities? Several years into a…

  • The ravaging of Detroit neighborhoods by tax foreclosures

    Downtown Detroit is in a revival, but neighborhoods across the city are still declining. One of the reasons is…

  • A Revitalized Detroit Attracts Young Jewish Residents

    By Shari S. Cohen | Detroit Jewish News While many Jewish Detroiters left the city between 1950 and 1970,...

  • Poverty and joblessness, fuel for ’67 riot, even worse today

    By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine While Detroit has seen positive changes in the police department and the inclusion...

  • begging-hands

    “I watched an old black man cry”

    By Lester Graham I watched an old black man cry today. Sitting at a picnic table in Chandler Park,...

  • Liette Gidlow, associate professor of history at Wayne State University

    Liette Gidlow: The call to confront issues of race and poverty has not been answered

    This year, the Detroit Journalism Cooperative is looking back to look forward. The five non-profit media partners are taking...