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  • Top of the pecking order: Meet your Detroit Chicken

    Perhaps the most New Detroit thing about the Detroit chicken is this: It’s a work of art, literally.

  • Detroit Today…Tonight: How’s Detroit Doing with Education? [VIDEO, COMMUNITY MEETING]

    Detroit Superintendent Alycia Meriweather and Michigan Senate Education Chair Phil Pavlov was in studio with a live audience of…

  • The Sanctuary Network

    At least eight Michigan houses of worship announced plans to form a “sanctuary network” on Tuesday. The congregations say…

  • Black in Blue

    How the riots shaped the lives and careers of two black Detroit officers.

  • Tale Of Two Cities

    Despite rebound, study says Detroit short 100,000 jobs.

  • How Trump can help Detroit

    The new president has been criticized by African-American and urban leaders for his broad-stroke, apocalyptic view of inner-city neighborhoods…

  • Detroit board may sue state to keep schools open

    The Detroit school board has threatened to sue to prevent the state from closing schools in the city that…

  • ShadowSpirit

    Shadow of the Spirit of Detroit

    In Detroit, jobs are scarce. Money is short. That has led to an underground economy that one Detroit reporter…

  • education-graphics_1086165a

    My Mother’s Story

    Sally Horwitz would have had a lot to say about Donald Trump, terrorism, ISIS, what it means to be…

  • Map of countries banned in executive order

    Michigan’s Refugees by the Numbers [CHARTS]

    More than 25,000 refugees from six of the seven countries named in President Trump’s immigration order have arrived in…