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  • Detroit, 1967: Riot or Rebellion?

    Two weeks before the fiftieth anniversary of the July 24, 1967 police raid that set off a week of…

  • Chaldean State Lawmaker Who Endorsed Trump: Community Feels Slighted

    “We have laws, we’d like to enforce them, but we won’t take it to the next level of throwing…

  • How’s Detroit’s Housing Landscape Doing?

    “Wayne County is unfortunately the leading entity dealing with this problem,”

  • American Black Journal Community Conversation

    Stephen Henderson was joined by a diverse group of panelists for an in-depth discussion in South West Detroit.

  • Detroit Today…Tonight: How’s Detroit Doing with Education? [VIDEO, COMMUNITY MEETING]

    Detroit Superintendent Alycia Meriweather and Michigan Senate Education Chair Phil Pavlov was in studio with a live audience of…

  • American Black Journal Special on Racial Attitudes

    VIDEO: American Black Journal Special on Racial Attitudes

    This live American Black Journal special from Wednesday, July 27, 2016 explored topics such as white privilege, police &...