Maria’s Diary: May 4 – 23rd Birthday

Maria’s Diary: May 4 – 23rd Birthday
May 13, 2017 Detroit Public TV
Detroiter Maria Garcia Juarez faces deportation in 21 days.
  An undocumented alien who entered the US at eight months old and has not been back to Mexico since, she’s telling her story to Detroit Public Television’s One Detroit. 
  In part two of Juarez’s video diary she counts down the days to her deportation to Mexico. 
  She’s just turned 23 years old and talks after her family held a birthday party for her.
Maria’s Diary – 23rd Birthday – May 4, 2017
“I know that I have to leave the country but I am still hoping for some type of miracle, something, something that can happen. It’s hard to enjoy a birthday, it really is hard to enjoy a birthday knowing in the back of your head that it’s just a day closer that you have to leave, closer to me leaving so it’s very scary, you can’t enjoy it, as much as I try to stay strong, it’s very scary, I’m terrified, I really am scared. I’m scared for myself, I’m scared for my family most of all.

Baby Maria Garcia Juarez


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