One Detroit | Top Stories of 2017

One Detroit | Top Stories of 2017
January 12, 2018 Detroit Public TV

One Detroit: 4 million people. One Story.

2017 brought on a lot of challenges for Detroit residents, some new; some familiar. All year round, our One Detroit team has been connecting with Detroiters to help share those stories–from going across the border to find out the realities of deportation to understanding more about the fight for quality education and environmental justice in our own backyard.

We hope to continue exploring these important subjects and more in 2018, all the while, with this goal in mind:

To share real stories and provoking conversations that reach the heart of critical issues.

Below are a few highlights from our bureau this year:

1. Maria’s Story

One Detroit partnered with Bridge Magazine to tell the story of Maria Juarez, a young mother from southwest Detroit who was facing deportation.

2. Deported from Detroit | Maria’s Journey

The follow up to Maria’s Story.

After Maria’s deportation to Mexico in the spring, Chastity Pratt Dawsey from Bridge magazine and Bill Kubota from Detroit Public TV sat down with Christy to talk about the next steps in her new life. Dawsey and Kubota traveled to Mexico to catch up with Maria. At that point, she’d been separated from her husband and two-year-old for approximately 5 months.

3. Detroit ’67 and Today: 12th Street Tour

DPTV commemorated the 50th anniversary of the 1967 uprising in a special hourlong roadshow of American Black Journal. The episode was taped at the Joseph Walker Williams Center in the Virginia Park neighborhood, which was close to the epicenter of the blind pig raid that sparked the civil unrest that followed.

12th and Clairmount is where a police raid on an after-hours party in 1967 changed the city’s history. What was that neighborhood like back then? What’s there now? Award-winning writer Marsha Music and renowned Detroit historian Jamon Jordan give us a tour, sharing their personal connections to that part of the city.

4. Toxic Town: Michigan’s Most Polluted Zip Code

In Boynton, a predominately African American neighborhood, now better known for its zip code, 48217, has been deemed the most toxic place in Michigan.  One Detroit’s Bill Kubota and Will Glover took an in depth look at the fight for environmental justice in southwest Detroit.


5. Brightmoor Education Roadshow: Superintendent Vitti talks directly with Brightmoor Parents and Students

We took an in-depth look at education in Detroit for our September roadshow, taped in Brightmoor’s City Covenant Church–located in Detroit’s far west side. Detroit Public School Superintendent Nikolai Vitti took extra questions from the audience after his interview segment with Christy and Stephen.

What kind of stories do you want to see us cover in 2018?


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