For many Detroiters, the presence of a green flashing light means “go.”  The flashing light tells the resident that the business is apart of Project Green Light, thus a safe place to shop, dine or spend time.  And rightfully so.  According to the City of Detroit, crime at and adjacent to Project Green Light businesses has decreased 23 percent since the program began two years ago and carjackings citywide have seen a 44 percent reduction.

There are now 247 Project Green Light partners, ranging from gas stations, to restaurants, party stores, apartment buildings, car washes and more.

But that’s about to change with the  addition of 11 businesses in the Greektown district, which will be the first Green Light corridor in the city of Detroit.  This marks the first time that a group of businesses along the same commercial corridor have come together to participate in the innovative public safety program.

“Today, you can drive along Grand River or Livernois and other major roads and see rows of flashing green lights on individual businesses,” Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.  “So, we decided to see if there was enough interest for entire business corridors to join all at once and the response has been great.  Greektown is the first Green Light Corridor to come online and we expect to announce more in the near future.”

Unlike individual Green Light locations, who are required to have high definition cameras inside and outside, businesses along the Green Light Corridor – mostly bars and restaurants – will be required only to have them on the outside.   Along the corridor, are 15 cameras with four lenses each and seven illuminated corridor signs. Camera placement is determined by DPD.

Mayor Mike Duggan said that the corridor approach was driven largely by the tremendous success and growing interest among businesses to join Project Green Light, which now has nearly 250 partners with dozens more in the pipeline.

“The corridor approach makes sense for the growth of Project Green Light and for Greektown district, which is one of Detroit’s most well-known business neighborhoods,” said Tasso Teftsis, owner of Astoria Patry Shop and Redsmoke – both located in Greektown. “Even though Greektown historically has been one of the safest areas of the city, we feel that joining the Green Light program will add one more layer of comfort for our visitors and guests.  We are very excited about this partnership and about being the first Green Light Corridor.”  Teftsis also is President of the Greektown Preservation Society.


In order to be considered a Green Light Corridor, at least five closely-situated businesses in a corridor must sign on as partners.  A key incentive for businesses to join Project Green Light as a corridor is that they will not have to pay the up-front installation costs. Instead, those costs will be folded into their monthly payment, which makes the program financially accessible to more businesses.  As with all Green Light partners, video from corridor businesses will be monitored at the Detroit Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center.  They also will receive regular visits from DPD officers.

The Greektown partner businesses entered into a three-year agreement to pay an average of $250 per month to receive up to three cameras (including installation and maintenance) and cloud storage of video All Green Light equipment installations and maintenance are paid for by participating businesses at no additional cost to taxpayers.

“Project Green Light gives our business owners in the city of Detroit a platform to be involved in creating a safer environment for not only their patrons, but for all who live work and play in this city,” said Chief James Craig. “The Green Light Corridor partnership is another great example of how we can work together to  help create a safe community for everyone.”

Partnering Greektown business are:

  1. 438 Macomb Building
  2. Atheneum Hotel
  3. Astoria
  4. Pappy Sports Bar
  5. Park-Rite
  6. PizzaPapalis
  7. Redsmoke
  8. Santorini
  9. The Greek
  10. Wahlburgers
  11. Greektown Casino-Hotel

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