A MorningSide View

A MorningSide View
May 8, 2018 Detroit Public TV

May 8, 2018 – Bill Kubota, Detroit Public Television’s One Detroit

  Detroit journalist and podcast producer Imani Mixon joined community activist Monique Tate on a drive around their neighborhood.

They’re showing One Detroit a two square mile neighborhood on Detroit’s east side called MorningSide.

  “The community has about 55-hundred homes as was considered pretty much a middle class, and maybe some low and moderate incomes,” Tate told Mixon, “but we were significantly hit by the 2009 recession just as many were.”

  Board ups mix in with finely kept brick homes.

  “You can see while some of these are neglected,” Tate said, “they still have great bones to them.”

  Tate said now more people are moving in.

   Mixon, who grew up in MorningSide and lives there now has been following neighborhood developments as part of Michigan Public Radio’s coverage of the rest of the city that lies outside of the burgeoning downtown and midtown.

She’s even got a podcast called MorningSide 48224

Mixon summed it up in a recent installment, “I think it will be a nice experiment in lived experiences versus third party reporting or statistics or data that sometimes you get inundated with as a Detroit resident.”

  Expect another podcast soon featuring stories from three generations of a family living on Balfour Road, which runs through the heart of the MorningSide neighborhood.

 See Mixon and Tate’s One Detroit MorningSide tour below:


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