Michigan Gubernatorial Candidates on the Issues

Michigan Gubernatorial Candidates on the Issues
July 20, 2018 Detroit Public TV
Reporters question the gubernatorial candidates

Select the clip you would like to learn more about.  We talked about a wide range of issues including taxes, the roads, water, Flint’s recovery, immigration, regional transit, marijuana, government transparency and a lot about education. We even asked each candidate what kind of car they drive.

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How do you describe your leadership style and how it relates to your party? 

Flint's Recovery

As the recovery efforts continue in Flint, what have you learned from this situation?  And how would that inform your role as Governor?

Water & The Environment

What would you do as Governor to safeguard the Great Lakes? 

Immigration & Refugees

In 2014 Governor Synder established the Michigan Office for New Americans (ONA).  What would you do to encourage talent to come to Michigan?

Foreign Trade

How would you handle trade relations with Canada?

(Some interviews ran long and did not receive all questions.)

Districts and the Vote

Where do you stand on the ballot measure to create an independent redistricting commission?

Government Transparency

Michigan gets lowest rating in state transparency. Is that a problem? If so, specifically how would you reform the state. Are changes in FOIA, finance disclosure necessary?


What is your opinion of the legalization of recreational marijuana?

What do you drive?

What make and model cars do you and others in your household drive?