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  • Gordon Park, Detroit’s Ground Zero, 1967

    Gordon Park got its own state historical marker acknowledging Rosa Parks Boulevard and Clairmount Avenue as the spot where the…

  • Detroit, 1967: Riot or Rebellion?

    Two weeks before the fiftieth anniversary of the July 24, 1967 police raid that set off a week of looting,…

  • StoryCorps: A Father Tries to Protect His Record Store on 12th Street in 1967

    “I would start out on the night in a hot summer day. It was in July of 1967 and my…

  • The War on Crime, not crime itself, fueled Detroit’s post-1967 decline

    By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine Heather Ann Thompson has been in the news recently because of the success of…

  • Education

    How Education Was an Issue in 1967…and Remains One Today

    WDET Education and issues surrounding it. The history of desegregation (and busing) in southeast Michigan. What lawmakers are (not) doing…

  • Knight Foundation funds arts groups addressing Detroit’s 1967 unrest

    By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is distributing $682,000 to seven groups…

  • The 1967 riot through the eyes of business owners: Who fled, who stayed and why?

    By Robin Schwartz | Jewish News Vivid memories remain in the hearts and minds of Jewish business owners nearly 50…

  • Long-time Officer, Educator Reflects on 1967, Policing Career

    Richard Tillman was working in the auto industry in 1953 when a friend, newly hired at the Detroit Police Department,…

  • Image from Detroit Riots 1967

    Riot or rebellion? The debate over what to call the 1967 disorder continues

    Photo courtesy of the Reuther Library By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine   Was it a riot or a rebellion?…

  • Photo of the 1967 Detroit Riots

    A quick guide to the 1967 Detroit Riot

    Photo courtesy of the Reuther Library By Bill McGraw | Bridge Magazine DATES Sunday, July 23 through Thursday, July 27…