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  • American Black Journal Community Conversation

    Stephen Henderson was joined by a diverse group of panelists for an in-depth discussion in South West Detroit.

  • Hamtramck’s ‘Safe Haven’ Schools

    Hamtramck’s ‘Safe Haven’ Schools

    Hamtramck is a small city surrounded on all sides by Detroit. Long known as the region’s largest Polish enclave, in…

  • Detroit board may sue state to keep schools open

    The Detroit school board has threatened to sue to prevent the state from closing schools in the city that have…

  • Delray neighborhood of Detroit

    The Bridge Comes to Delray

    Detroit’s downtrodden Delray neighborhood has been waiting for the new bridge to Canada for well over a decade. The bridge…

  • MiWeek Roadshow on Education

    Video: MiWeek Roadshow: Education and Our Schools

      MiWeek’s team went on the road on Thursday, September 22nd to Cass Technical High School for MiWeek Roadshow: Education and Our…

  • American Black Journal Special on Racial Attitudes

    VIDEO: American Black Journal Special on Racial Attitudes

    This live American Black Journal special from Wednesday, July 27, 2016 explored topics such as white privilege, police & community…

  • Detroit police car

    Video: Detroit Police Chief on Community Relations

    Detroit Police Chief James Craig openly speaks on the topic of police community relations. Upon his arrival two and a…

  • American Black Journal: Black lives matter

  • Christy McDonald, MiWeek with David Zeman, Bridge Magazine and Lester Graham, Michigan Radio

    MiWeek’s Christy McDonald interview Zeman and Graham on The Intersection

    Lester Graham of Michigan Radio and David Zeman of Bridge Magazine join Christy McDonald on MiWeek to discuss this ambitious…