Chapter 3

  • Interview: The Timeline of Poverty

    Understanding Detroit’s poverty and employment rates is enhanced by looking to the past and by visiting one of the city’s…

  • Welfare Reform Legislation May Be Having Unintended Impact: Homeless Families

    Advocates for the homeless say it appears that legislation passed in 2011 may be having unintended consequences. The law puts…

  • Income Inequality in Michigan: Biggest Gap is Not In Metro Detroit

    The top one percent of the nation’s earners make more than 25 times that of the bottom 99 percent. That’s…

  • What Is Detroit’s Business Community Doing to Address Poverty?

    As part of our work with the Detroit Journalism Cooperative, WDET is reporting on the issues the Kerner Commission found…

  • Focus Hope CEO Talks Tackling Poverty in Detroit

    FOCUS: Hope was one of the organizations founded after the 1967 uprising in Detroit. It’s focused on racial healing and…

  • A mural by Louis Delsarte at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic site. - FLICKR USER YOOPERANN/

    Many black communities suffering as much now as in Civil Rights era

      By STATESIDE STAFF • JUL 8, 2016 – Our conversation with Joe T. Darden This week, violence and race have…