Election 2018

  • 5 places where Michigan’s governor and legislature can make deals

    For the first time in nearly a decade, Michigan’s government will be divided.

  • As governor, Bill Schuette would consider ‘all options’ for struggling schools, including closings

    Attorney General Bill Schuette is putting struggling Michigan schools on notice: Shape up or face the consequences if he becomes…

  • Michigan ballot issues: What to know about Prop 3 (voting rights)

    BALLOT ISSUE: Proposal 3 (Promote the Vote) WHAT IT WOULD DO: Prop 3 enshrines a variety of voting rights in the…

  • The key takeaways from this weekend’s Republican and Democratic conventions

    Despite a few political snags, each party now has their full slate of candidates ready for the November midterm elections.

  • Reporters question the gubernatorial candidates

    Michigan Gubernatorial Candidates on the Issues

    Gubernatorial candidates on the issues. We talked about a wide range of issues including taxes, the roads, water, Flint’s recovery,…

  • Michigan Gubernatorial candidates 2018

    A Voter Guide to the Michigan Candidates for Governor

    The Detroit Journalism Cooperative invited all major party candidates to the Detroit Public Television studio for individual, hour-long interviews with…