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  • A mural by Louis Delsarte at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic site. - FLICKR USER YOOPERANN/

    Many black communities suffering as much now as in Civil Rights era

      By STATESIDE STAFF • JUL 8, 2016 – Our conversation with Joe T. Darden This week, violence and race have…

  • Claire Nelson, Consul General of the Urban Consulate in Detroit, Philadelphia, and New Orleans. LESTER GRAHAM / MICHIGAN RADIO

    Progressive white people confronting racial divide

    By Lester Graham | Michigan Radio Racial tensions are growing as the perceptions and evidence of racial inequality are growing.…

  • Detroit's new Red Wings arena under construction. RICK BRIGGS

    Detroit could see competing community benefits proposals on the ballot

    By Sarah Cwiek, July 13, 2016 Detroiters may get to choose between two, competing ballot proposals in November. Both lay…

  • A picture of Viola Liuzzo, in the park that bears her name. SARAH CWIEK / MICHIGAN RADIO

    Detroit launches $12 million neighborhood parks overhaul

    By SARAH CWIEK • JUL 12, 2016 Detroit is launching a two-year investment campaign in some neighborhood parks, starting with…

  • Police brutality: The struggle isn’t over

    By Lester Graham | Michigan Radio The news has been full of stories in recent years about police killing unarmed…

  • The Kerner Commission, and why its recommendations were ignored

    The Kerner Commission (courtesy photo) By Lester Graham | Michigan Radio Listen here Full transcript News media around the world…

  • Political power, but prosperity remains elusive

    By Lester Graham | Michigan Radio Listen here Full transcript America still struggles with race, but those struggles are changing.…