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  • American Black Journal Community Conversation

    Stephen Henderson was joined by a diverse group of panelists for an in-depth discussion in South West Detroit.

  • Detroit cites progress, but water shutoffs actually rose last year

    Residential shutoffs spiked 18 percent in 2016: A staggering 83,000 homes have lost water service.

  • One promise Mike Duggan can’t keep?

    Detroit’s mayor has said early and often he should be judged by whether Detroit gains population. So far, it hasn’t.

  • How Trump can help Detroit

    The new president has been criticized by African-American and urban leaders for his broad-stroke, apocalyptic view of inner-city neighborhoods…

  • Activists and youth from several community groups gathered Feb. 20 at Osborn High in Detroit to protest the state's plan to close up to 38 low-performing schools, 25 of which are in Detroit.

    Michigan shuts down bad schools. Leading states build them up.

    Michigan’s law that calls for the annual closure of the state’s worst schools is unique in the nation.

  • Detroit churches face off with mayor over spike in water bills

    Noah had to deal with a deluge. So do Detroit faith leaders, in the form of sharply rising bills to…