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  • Detroit city council member’s “People’s Bills” tackle some of city’s inequities

    One Detroit city council member is putting forth a slew of proposals she says will help correct some major inequities…

  • Renting in Detroit

    “A lot of people who lost their homes (in the Recession) do not want to buy another home. Or, they…

  • American Black Journal Community Conversation

    Stephen Henderson was joined by a diverse group of panelists for an in-depth discussion in South West Detroit.

  • Tale Of Two Cities

    Despite rebound, study says Detroit short 100,000 jobs.

  • ShadowSpirit

    Shadow of the Spirit of Detroit

    In Detroit, jobs are scarce. Money is short. That has led to an underground economy that one Detroit reporter calls…

  • Detroit's new Red Wings arena under construction. RICK BRIGGS

    Detroit could see competing community benefits proposals on the ballot

    By Sarah Cwiek, July 13, 2016 Detroiters may get to choose between two, competing ballot proposals in November. Both lay…