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  • Five ways to reduce harm of students frequently changing schools

    Solving the damaging problem of Detroit students moving frequently between schools would require sweeping policy changes to both stabilize housing…

  • Photo-SteveCarmody-MichiganRadio

    Federal judge dismisses Detroit schools literacy lawsuit

    Filed in 2016, the suit attempted to force the state of Michigan to improve the condition of city schools. A…

  • Week in review: As ‘count day’ nears, the scramble is on to lure students and teachers

    Next Wednesday is count day — the crucial day when the number of students who show up for class…

  • ‘Possible, but daunting’: Inside Nikolai Vitti’s early effort to transform Detroit’s battered public schools

    “That would be like — ‘Here — write a front page story about how inefficient this district is.’ Are you…

  • Nikolai Vitti loves a challenge. He has one at Detroit Public Schools.

    What specifically will he do to make a real difference for families and students?